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 What is Radio Frequency and Ultrasonic Cavitation?


What does Ultrasonic actually mean?

Ultrasonic refers to sound frequency. The vibration of ion (positively and negative alternations of sound waves) produces a strong wave of pressure to fat cell membranes. Usually a fat cell membrane cannot withstand this pressure, it will explode into the liquid content. This liquid product leaves the body through the normal channels of the body’s metabolism.

Ultrasonic Cavitation results are due to the quantity of fat cells being destroyed only at localized treatment areas, and is thus capable of selectively disrupting the subcutaneous fat cells through thousands of microscopic implosions impacting the fat cell membranes. After breakdown of adipose tissue. (fat cell membrane), the fat is released into the interstitial fluid between the cells, where they are enzymatically metabolized to glycerol and free fatty acids. Water-insoluble free fatty acids enter the liver where they are decomposed like any other simple fatty acid.


Radio Frequency (Rf) Therapy assists in the metabolism of large fat granules previously ruptured by the cavitation treatment, forcing the excretion of triglycerides and skin tightening. The dermis and subcutaneous layer are heated simultaneously forcing collagen fibers to contract. The contracting fibers pull and tighten the skin, creating an immediate effect. Fibroblasts metabolism increases, producing new collagen fibers leaving a long-term effect. Most of the RF energy enters into the deeper dermal layer, causing the dermal layer of skin to thicken, decreasing wrinkle depth, leaving the skin firmer with contour lifted.

The original collagen protein becomes strengthened to increase the new collagen protein as a result of the radio frequency stimulating the skin.


Is Radio Frequency and Ultrasonic Cavitation right for you?

RF Treatment and Ultrasonic Cavitation is not recommended if you have any of the following:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding.

  • Metallic implants such as pins prosthesis and pacemaker.

  • Intrauterine device. (avoid lower abdomen)

  • Epilepsy.

  • Cancer at any time and in any form. (Doctors note needed if it's been a while since treatment.

  • Blood disorder)

  • Fever or acute inflammation.

  • Heart disease.

  • Kidney and liver disease.

  • Severe high blood pressure or circulation problems.

  • Under 18

  • No Acutane or Retin-A. (Must be off Retinol for a week)

  • Vascular rapture.

  • Inflammation of the veins, phlebitis.

  • Treatment with anticoagulant, anti-inflammatory or antibiotics. (O.K. to treat a week after last day of last dose of any antibiotics)

  • Taking steroids for a long time.

  • Infections of any kind.

  • Internal bleeding. (e.g. from ulcers)

  • Autoimmune diseases.

  • Red, dry and itchy skin rash.

  • Urinary incontinence.

  • Transmissible disease.

  • During menstruation. (avoid abdomen as this may cause bleeding to get heavy)

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